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keto benefits.

The Keto (ketogenic) diet is still making waves in the media and with health experts. It has its believers and its skeptics, but it has shown to be a viable solution for various health conditions, which include treatments for epilepsy, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

A keto diet works by depleting the body of its sugar reserves resulting in the breakdown of fat for energy.

Here are some of the benefits to switching to a keto diet, over and above weight loss….

reduced appetite.

Cutting carbs can automatically reduce your appetite and calorie intake.
Since the keto diet is low-carb, following it can stabilize blood sugar levels and, thus, suppress your appetite.

lower insulin levels.

When you eat foods with carbohydrates and to a lesser extent protein, you raise your blood sugar levels. Insulin steps in to lower those blood sugar levels, delivering glucose to your cells for energy or to store for backup fuel called glycogen. But high insulin levels — which can happen when you eat too many carbohydrates — can prevent fat loss. On a keto diet, you keep insulin levels lower. Low insulin means that your body can more easily access fat stores for fuel.

hormonal balance.

Keto diets help balance other hormones besides insulin. Among those hunger-regulating hormones is leptin, a hormone that tells your brain to stop eating. Ghrelin has the opposite effect: This hormone tells you to eat more. When these and other hormones stay in balance on a keto diet, you’re less likely to have hunger and cravings.

reduces inflammation.

Chronic inflammation plays a role in obesity but also diseases including diabetes. Sugar, in all its many disguises, is an inflammatory food. On a keto diet, you keep your sugar and overall carbohydrate intake very low. When you combine that approach with whole, unprocessed foods, you lower inflammation levels.

improved skin benefits.

Acne and other skin issues are commonly due to underlying inflammation and insulin resistance. Because ketones — a liver-produced chemical that serves as fuel on a low-carb diet — are anti-inflammatory, she explained that a diet that causes our body to generate ketones will help lower inflammation and unwanted acne.

stronger mental clarity.

Mental clarity, an increased ability to focus and a better memory are other commonly reported benefits of eating a ketogenic diet.
Increasing intake of healthy fats with omega-3, such as those found in oily fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel, can improve mood and learning ability.

weight loss.

People feel less hungry because fatty foods take a longer time to break down in the body. Weight loss not only comes from ketosis, but also from reducing calorie intake by eliminating food groups.

additional benefits.

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