my new old hat.

I bought this hat about a year ago. Needed a decent hat, cost me $140, size
2xl because – ya know, big brain.

Now I don’t know what sort of Jimmy Neutron, Beavis and Butthead, Stewie
Griffin type would be in to this females Me & The Brave wide brim tan
fedora because I’m thinking these are the only people it’s going to fit. It was
ridiculously oversized!

It sat under my desk at work with every intention of exchanging it for a
much smaller size. Time past, I missed the chance to exchange it. Decided could
be used as a sun umbrella for a family of 10 or even a small ark – perhaps for
small to medium animals??

This week a friend of mine bought the same hat (but in black) same issue,
and she had a smaller size. Turns out she’s a lot smarter than me and the hats
adjustable. Who’s heard of an adjustable fedora???!!

So now I have a new hat – what a dick




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